Third Party Reviews

Todd W. | August 14, 2018 |

"Shar did a wonderful cut for my 7 year old son today! Awesomeness! And thank you for offering a wash/extra to him for being a 1st time visitor. He liked that! And now the day after she cut my 12 year old's hair as well and did another great job!"

Mike Doyle | July 01, 2018 |

"Ask for Danielle. She's the best!"

rajaa zeroual | April 18, 2018 |

"The worst ever hair cut my son got like another child cut his hair ..... many people was asking me next day what happen to ur son hair left side doesn’t look the other side it’s not like the usual ...... no way I go back there it’s bye bye ....."

Matt G. | January 13, 2014 |

"I wish I could give them more stars because they do give an awesome haircut. They need a lot more people working, or they need to figure out how to correctly estimate a time to wait. As I said, the haircuts here are actually really good. I used to go to a much more expensive place and these women do a great job. The MVP is nice if you want to pay to upgrade: you get a shampoo, hot towel, conditioner, and massage. It's relaxing. They will try to sell you product, but they aren't pushy about it all. Downsides: parking is horrendous. Don't even bother parking in the lot, just go to the garage across the street. Wait times are often underestimated. Use the following translator when you go in: Call in and they say "no wait"= at least 5 people are there. 15 minutes wait= 30 minutes 30 minutes wait= 1 hour Of course they tell you it's shorter, they don't want you to leave, but take my advice and realize it's NEVER the time they tell you it is. If you have the time and patience, go ahead and wait it out because it's a great haircut for the price. I, however, have a lot of stuff to do with my life, and waiting for a haircut is not in my itinerary."

Matthew W. | January 27, 2013 |

"It's all about SPORTS here - lots of tvs always on ESPN. Always tons of sports magazines if you want to try and read with all the noise. The girls who work here are great with younger kids, and its best to call ahead and see what the wait is like, but usually no more than a half hour. Always a coupon to be found, but can't beat $10 for a haircut."

Jim C. | March 06, 2013 |

"This is a hidden gem. Get the MVP. You can thank me over a beer at Rosebud's two doors down from Sport Clips."

Cody A. | November 05, 2015 |

"I used to enjoy coming here but now they're constantly closed or closing early because they're "short staffed". For instance, it's a regular Thursday and they're closing at 3 in the afternoon, that's a joke. No regular working person can get there before then. Any intelligent business person would be closed early and open later. How can you provide service to the customer if they can't even be there? Is this place managed that terribly where they can't find people to cut guys hair in the middle of downtown Naperville or is it just that bad of a place to work? I don't know how they keep clients anymore or if they even do. I'm sure we'll be seeing it close soon."

Tim B. | February 04, 2016 |

"I gave them another chance and found out that they have new management. They were properly staffed, I got a good haircut, and was in and out in 25 mins."

Jorge J. | February 25, 2016 |

"The gals have always been nice and professional. I will only go to this location because of that. Not sure who the goofy bald guy is on the pix on this Yelp page...delete those. Other than that, great job ladies!"

Oreste G. | March 02, 2016 |

"So, I received an email that this location was under new management and given an offer for a free mvp cut, so I went in... While my stylist sounded receptive to the pictures I showed her and description I gave, the result was as if we never had the discussion. After growing my hair out for nearly a year prior, I was very disappointed. I guess I should have payed closer attention to her cutting then the hockey game."